Do you need more style and elegance to your game room? A vintage game is indeed hard to find. The materials being utilized to make new versions will not match the quality of the original one. Game rooms enhance your living space, while making your home more exciting for guests or utilized for  weekend fun. Check out these vintage game-room antiques that are one of a kind.

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Very rare 5-cent crap table. Insert nickels blue carpet moves and dice goes into hole below baby. You pull back spring shooter dice shoots out make your point.

Skee Ball Bowling Machine

Baseball Atlas 1930’s Machine. Art Deco-style gambling game that kept each home run in a verifier window until an over-the-counter reward was paid out. The game is played by inserting a penny into an upper right corner opening and pulling a “baseball bat” lever, which launches the penny onto the playing field.

Manilla style Masters shooting gallery. Great-looking restored machine. Inset penny in gun and pull trigger. Hit the target hole and win. A great conversation piece for your gamely room.

Gum Machine with football field.

Bally Star Special (742 Money Honey) Slot, Circa 1964. One of the first electro-mechanical hopper pay slot machine, it revolutionized the slot machine market – one line, one coin slot.